Diesel Fuel Treatment

The ratio of Viscon to fuel is 1 ounce of Viscon to 20 gallons of fuel. The tables below provide details relative to the amount of fuel Viscon will treat.

Viscon (U.S. Volume)
1 Gallon of Viscon
128 Ounces of Viscon
* 20 Gallons of Fuel
2,560 Gallons of Treated Fuel
Viscon (Metric Volume)
3.79 Liters of Viscon/Gal
(3.79 liters = 1 gallon)
3,785 Mililiters of Viscon
(29.57 mililiters = 1 ounce)
128 Treatments of Viscon
(per one Gal)
* 75.8 Liters of Fuel/Treatment
(75.8 liters = 20 gallons)
9,702.4 Liters of Treated Fuel

Mixing Viscon With Fuel
Viscon can be added at the rack, to a bulk holding tank such as those used by fleet operators, at the pump, or to a lube/wet hose truck. Viscon recommends using a peristaltic pump (a common chemical pump) or other Viscon recommended pumps when blending with fuel. Centrifugal or high speed mechanical pumps are not recommended as they may shear the long molecules of the active ingredient, and reduce the effects of the additive.

Stability of the Blend
Once Viscon has dissolved in gasoline or diesel fuel, it will remain in the solution indefinitely. The polymer, which is the active ingredient, will remain dissolved even below the freezing point of the fuel. Viscon is not affective by temperature. It is, however affected by direct sunlight and should not be stored in clear containers.

Viscon’s staff will conduct a survey of the application to determine the required blending device. We will then assist in the installation of the appropriate device.

The actual mixing/dispensing of Viscon with the fuel will vary per application. For example, Viscon may be incorporated:

• directly into the fuel tank
• from a fuel truck to the engine
• from a fueling pump/station

(Fueling pump tanks should be cleaned. This will prevent binding to hydrocarbons at the bottom of the storage tank.)

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