Cost Effective Diesel Fuel Saver

To accommodate customers of all needs and sizes Viscon offers a variety of containers options for shipping. These include 8,000 gallons tanker trucks, totes of various sizes, 55 gallon drums, and 5 gallon pails for ground transportation direct to the customer.

There are many strategic storage options for Viscon customers. Each specifically designed for the site infrastructure in place to accommodate the blending of Viscon with diesel fuel. At the refinery rack Viscon can be metered directly with the diesel as it is pumped to the tanker trucks for delivery. Viscon stored at bulk diesel sites can be metered to fuel pipelines as it moves to larger bulk storage tanks for distribution.

Other sites may require stainless steel tanks with electrical metering devices where the Viscon fuel saver can be blended directly to a variety of diesel fuel lines. The metering devices can be mounted directly to wet hose fuel trucks that service on site equipment. They can also be installed directly to such equipment as generators, fueling depots for buses, and stationary fueling stations.

Whenever there is a need for emissions reductions Viscon can easily become the cost effective solution. Railroads, construction equipment, sea port cranes and yard equipment, oil drilling rigs, school buses, marine fueling depots, and agriculture pumps and equipment are just some of the many uses.

Utilities Construction
Railways School Buses
Biodiesel Transportation
Refineries Power Generation
Agriculture Trans/Mix Facilities
Truck Stops Drilling & Exploration