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Executive Summary: Cost Effective Fuel Additive & Fuel Saver

Company Background
Viscon USA, LLC (“the Company”) is a technology driven specialty chemical company engaged in the development, manufacture, marketing and sale of products utilizing high molecular weight polymers for the primary fuel market. The Company’s cost effective fuel additive is called Viscon™. A key corporate priority, that will always drive the development and acquisition of our technology, is to insure that its use has a positive environmental impact.

The Viscon™ technology was developed over the past 20 years by General Technology Applications, Inc. (“GTA”). GTA licensed the technology to a newly formed entity under GTA Technologies, Inc. (“GTAT”) in 1998.

In July, 2006 GTAT was sold to Las Palmas Oil & Dehydration, Inc. (“LPOD”). GTAT California, LLC was formed as the production facility for Viscon. Subsequently, GTAT California’s name was changed to Viscon California, LLC in order to promote the product name. At such time, GTAT terminated operations and Viscon USA, LLC was formed as the holding corporation for the Viscon patent.

Viscon™ fuel technology is covered by United States Patent No. 5,906,665. Foreign patent applications have been filed.

The Company’s Viscon™ technology is a method for improving the combustion efficiency of internal combustion engines. Viscon’s cost effective fuel additive technology utilizes a scientific phenomenon called extensional viscosity to modify the physical properties of diesel fuel during injection and mixture formation.

Viscon is viscoelastic; i.e., the property of materials that exhibit both viscous and elastic characteristics. As such, Viscon-treated fuel has different spray and vaporization behavior.

The injector spray produces a more uniform droplet size. Distribution of fuel over the cross section of the spray cone is also more uniform. Further, the viscous and elastic characteristics reduce growth-by-collision of the fuel droplets. The benefits gained from changes in spray and vapor behavior in fuel penetration, dispersion, and homogeneity of light and heavy fuel species in the air/fuel mixture are essential to mixture formation and makes it an ideal clean diesel additive.

Competitive Advantages
Viscon™ clean diesel additive is a multi-purpose technology which reduces harmful exhaust emissions from internal combustion engines while reducing the amount of fuel required to perform a unit of work.

Mission Statement

To be a valued resource for cleaning the air world-wide
Continue technical superiority as a fuel-blending component
Be ethical, honest, and straightforward in all interactions
Promote growth and responsibility for all employees
Maintain respect and fairness in all endeavors
Know the client’s business – Earn trust
Think ahead – Be proactive
Deliver on commitments
Be globally recognized as a product that saves lives
Deliver financial results that will promote company growth
Take care of our customers – Build a preferred client relationship
Sustain an atmosphere of operational and business development improvement